About us

We're a different kind of recruiting firm and our Talent Forward Model is changing the game.

With amazing employees & unique partnerships, we provide teams of experienced technology & sales sourcers alongside research & data analysts, who understand the complex technology candidate landscape; allowing us to deliver a steady stream of elite technologists & sales professionals. 

About Us:

Employ is an Andiamo brand, focusing on technology & sales recruiting and sourcing for the most sought after positions and technologies today. Our clients have a significant need to hire exceptional software engineers & sales professionals, immediately. Employ recognizes this need and, in turn, provides technology & sales sourcers to focus exclusively on your hiring challenges. 

We are revolutionizing the way that elite software engineers & sales professionals are being recruited and hired through our all new Talent Forward Model. By partnering with Employ, you will have agile, experienced sourcers finding you the best technologist & sales professionals on the market, the support of a dedicated research team providing you with actionable market data and insights into the tech hiring landscape, and account management support to coordinate your most challenging hiring needs.

We’re leading the recruiting industry with an innovative approach that has proven to facilitate our current clients’ business needs. Currently, we have access to over 500+ new, active software engineering & sales candidates per week – giving us a diverse pool of skills and experience.

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Our firm provides companies and job seekers a truly transformative experience - and in the process, we help to build the world’s most innovative companies


In an aggressive and perpetually-evolving market, our success derives from our novel and distinctive approach. Using this strategy, Employ has been able to help hire the most elite technologists & sales professionals for the country's most prestigious and cutting edge companies.

Inspired by Our Candidates, Trusted by Our Clients

We work with the world's top technology and sales candidates and strive to match them with roles that they are enthusiastic about pursuing and meet their criteria. We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses and become an integral part of each company’s long-term recruiting strategy by helping to find and place the skilled professionals that are vital to company growth. Our experience in providing solutions through human capital extends to a wide range of organizations. By partnering with Employ, clients quickly gain access to a curated and extensively vetted pool of the top technology and sales candidates in the world.

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