Moving Talent Forward

Employ offers a refreshing, focused, and direct technology & sales sourcing service unlike any other in the market.

Dedicated Sourcing Teams

Employ provides dedicated technology & sales sourcers, delivering a high-quality stream of elite software engineers & sales professionals to your company. We work with the world's top companies who need to hire exceptional technologists.    

Present Only the Top 2%

We recognize our client's unique needs and deliver a highly curated pool of proven Sales Professionals, Software Developers, Developers, Engineers, Architects, Designers, SDMs, TPMs and Project Managers with experience working on cutting-edge technologies for top technology firms. 


With each new requirement and evolving staffing need, we present our clients with the industry's top technology & sales candidates available, with relevant technical and business skills, ready to join their teams.



What do we deliver?

  • Agile, full-time dedicated technology & sales sourcers and research analysts to focus exclusively on your company’s unique hiring challenges
  • Full access to proprietary data tools, an active candidate database of 80,000 elite sales professionals & software engineers with 500+ newly-vetted elite candidates each week, marketing resources, and access to proprietary talent acquisition market data
  • Immediate support of our market research team, who gathers information and answers questions that help our teams identify candidates that companies we support can’t identify on their own
  • At a client's direction, the coordination of hiring events/resume review days to provide the most elite sales professionals & technologists - typically held on weeks 8 and 12 of a quarterly engagement
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics, monitoring candidate research & outreach, candidates submitted, interview success ratios, new placement and hire reports.  This information helps our clients partner with their Employ team to access the success we're having in recruiting the most elite sales professionals & technologists in the market.


Who do we recruit?

Employ sourcers deliver a highly vetted and curated pool of the top 2% of sales professionals & software engineering candidates. 

We typically assist clients in hiring elite Sales Professionals, Software Engineers, Developers, Architects & Managers, as well as UX/UI Engineers, Mobile Developers, SDETs, Database Developers, Database Administrators, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Engineers/Admins, Business Analysts, Product Managers, and Project Managers with proven experience at the world's top technology companies.

Why use Employ? 

In a traditional agency model, external staffing vendors indiscriminately submit technology candidates with little regard for client brand, candidate experience, or long-term client partnerships.  Agencies pitch available candidates to multiple competing companies, who compete over middle-of-the-road talent.  This is often a messy and inefficient method for high-quality hiring.

Under Employ’s Talent Forward Model, clients receive a dedicated and experienced sourcers committed specifically to finding you the best technologist & sales professionals on the market.  Additionally, each Employ client receives the dedicated support of our world-class research team, providing meaningful market data and valuable industry insights, as well as account management support to coordinate your most challenging hiring needs.

The Employ Talent Forward Model allows us to focus directly on understanding the unique needs of your company, technology, and culture while working intensely on building a strong pipeline of talent at the level and volume that you require.

What does it cost?

Employ sourcers are available on a flexible, quarterly basis at a fixed cost.  There is no additional contingency recruiting cost, no matter how many hires are made.  This model comes with significant cost savings compared to a traditional contingency agency structure.

Employ's Talent Forward Model services are also available on a one month trial period, at a reduced rate. For more information on this, please contact us. 



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