Sangay Diki
Senior Research Analyst

Sangay Diki

Sangay Diki

Senior Research Analyst

17 State Street, 8th floor
New York, NY 10004

(212) 488-1595

If an instinct tells you to give something - give it!

Sangay is a quadrilingual Tibetan born in India, but a New Yorker at heart. She joined Employ/Andiamo in early 2012 as an intern and was soon welcomed to the family. Sangay enjoys the simple things in life. She can be found in a 104 °F yoga room practicing her asanas or simply strolling around the city looking for a new dessert spot.

Academic Background:

Hunter College, B.A. Psychology, Minor in Sociology


Traveling, hiking, Bikram Yoga, drawing, taking pictures of my puppy, and smiling through it all.

When I was 5 I wanted to be...

Matilda…always been intrigued by magical powers.

If I could have a superpower it would be…

Read minds

If I could have dinner with anyone, past or present, it would be…

The 14th Dalai Lama


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