Chuma Azoba
Client Services Recruiter

Chuma Azoba

Chuma Azoba

Client Services Recruiter

130 King Street, 18th floor
Toronto, ON M5X 1K6


“Don’t waste time, or time will waste you.” - Muse

I grew up travelling from country to country, but spent most of childhood in Calgary, AB – one of the coldest places on Earth. In high school, I moved to Ontario to continue my educational goals, and I haven’t looked back since.

Academic Background: 

Western University, B.S. Medical Science and Consumer Behaviour (Honors Double Major)

Western University, M.S. Management of Applied Science, Biology


Basketball, Music, Graphic Design, Visiting Restaurants, and Fashion.

Share 3 fun facts about yourself:

  1. I’ve been living on my own since 16.

  2. I was born in the Middle East.

  3. I switched schools 8 times between Kindergarten to Grade 12.

What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

The Pursuit of Happyness.

What is one thing you have never gotten over?

People wearing Crocs (especially when combined with socks).

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