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Patrick McAdams

CEO, Managing Partner & Recruiting Data Enthusiast

New York, NY

Our standards are very high and we take our work quite seriously… but we do not take ourselves too seriously. Connecting elite technologists with the world’s top firms is a fun business to be in.

Washington State University, History

Meet Patrick

Daniel McAdams

President, Managing Partner & Client Success Enthusiast

Austin, TX

I oversee Employ and Andiamo's client relationship strategies with a goal of developing a deep understanding of all of their individual talent acquisition needs. We aim to be a critical partner in all of our client's hiring solutions.

Washington State University, Economics

Meet Daniel

Kim Wathey

Partner, Account Executive

New York, NY

Creativity. Hard work. Sense of Humor. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by these every day at Andiamo.

Duke University, Psychology
New York University, Applied Psychology

Meet Kim

Zach Richard

Partner, Senior Recruiting Manager

Phoenix, AZ

At Employ/Andiamo, I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for with the added bonus of a great team environment and extremely bright coworkers.

Columbia University, Political Science

Meet Zach

Chris Wathey

Partner, National Director of Consulting

New York, NY

Chris grew up in South Huntington, Long Island where he excelled as a student athlete at St. Anthony's High School. He went on to play lacrosse at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has lived in the Tri-State area since his graduation in 2004.

Franklin & Marshall College, Government

Meet Chris

Cam Kerner

Director of Services for the Employ Division

Phoenix, AZ

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ? Bernard M. Baruch

Arizona State University, Marketing, Minor in Psychology

Meet Cam

Vishal Mehta

Senior Technical Recruiter

Iselin, NJ

I have a passion for technology and like working with people - It is fun helping people find their dream role in this vast technology landscape.

Osmania University, Accounting/Finance

Meet Vishal

Phil Farber

Recruiting Manager & Executive Recruiting Specialist

Toronto, ON

People helping people are the luckiest people in the world.

Johns Hopkins University, Business

Meet Phil

Brian Schuppel

Senior Research & Data Analyst

New York, NY

I love the collaborative element of my job. I’m lucky enough to be paired with a team of young, capable, and enthusiastic individuals, which is an aspect of work that goes unmatched.

Elmira College, Business Administration/Marketing

Meet Brian

Ben Woll

Executive Recruiting Specialist / Account Manager

New York, NY

It's easy to feel good about our work here.

University of Michigan, Political Science

Meet Ben

Faith Burton

Director of Recruiting, Women Impact Technology

Phoenix, AZ

Enthusiastic technology conversationalist with a surface level knowledge of many things, a deep understanding of a few things, and Wikipedia for everything in between.

Cornell University, Industrial and Labor Relations

Meet Faith

Jake Silverstein

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

Jake is excited to be a member of the Employ/Andiamo team and loves learning from this inspiring group.

Northwestern University, International Studies and History

Meet Jake

Reva Arieli

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Toronto, ON

I enjoy being surrounded by motivated likeminded individuals on a daily basis. When I joined Employ/Andiamo I became part of this awesome team.

Ryerson University, Marketing

Meet Reva

Jordan Payne

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Toronto, ON

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

California State University, Los Angeles, International Business and Economics

Meet Jordan

Talia Cuddeback

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Austin, TX


Barnard College, Religion and Political Science

Meet Talia

Betsy Kuhns

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Austin, TX

"I regret nothing. The End." - Ron Swanson

Lehigh University, Psychology
Lehigh University, Management

Meet Betsy

Chloe Mann

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

“To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

University of Florida, Business Administration
University of Florida, Information Systems and Operations Management

Meet Chloe

Rabbanni FurQaan

Diversity Services Relationship Manager

Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes you just must do the ordinary better than anyone else out there!

Arizona State University, B.A. Business Administration

Meet Rabbanni

Mark Sterling

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Toronto, ON

Born and raised in the Great White North. A good ol’ Canadian boy.

Brock University, Sports Management

Meet Mark

Russell Vannoy

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Austin, TX

I’m an early bird and I’m a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms. -Michael Scott

Georgetown University, Foreign Service

Meet Russell

Meghan Gervais

Diversity Services Relationship Manager

Toronto, ON

"Nature surrounds us, from parks and backyards to streets and alleyways. Next time you go out for a walk, tread gently and remember that we are both inhabitants and stewards of nature in our neighbourhood." – David Suzuki

Trent University, B.Sc. Biology and Environmental Science

Meet Meghan

Cody Handshaw

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

An unfortunate Cleveland fan, with a lifelong ability to see hope even in the darkest moments.

Longwood University, English

Meet Cody

Manie Hutcheon

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist, Women Impact Technology Division

Phoenix, AZ

“Be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” -Judy Garland

Colorado Christian University, B.S Communications

Meet Manie

Stephanie Long

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist, Women Impact Technology Division

Phoenix, AZ

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." John F. Kennedy, Jr.

University of Arizona, B.A English Literature

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Finck

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist, Women Impact Technology Division

Phoenix, AZ

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”- Carl Sagan

Arizona State University, B.S. Communications

Meet Stephanie

Alex Nevins

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

Alex loves meeting new people and understands the importance of a meaningful career in regards to individual happiness.

Vanderbilt University, Communication Studies and Corporate Strategy

Meet Alex

Devin McVeigh

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

Scientists estimate the probability of someone being born is about 1 in 400 trillion. I’d say we are pretty lucky.

Gettysburg College, Political Science

Meet Devin

Kylene Flechsig

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist, Women Impact Technology Division

Phoenix, AZ

Stop cheating on your future with your past, it’s over!

Arizona State University, B.S. Health Policy and Administration

Meet Kylene

Mollie Hinz

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Austin, TX

“You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott

Concordia University, Nursing

Meet Mollie

Matt Kayrouz

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Austin, TX

I’m an action-oriented dreamer with a strong drive for both growth and improvement! Curiosity serves as a guiding light for me.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Business Management and Administration

Meet Matt

Annalise Vaccarello

Executive Recruiting Specialist

New York, NY

I am excited to be working in a vibrant city alongside passionate and motivated individuals to help people achieve their career goals.

The University of Chicago, Biological Sciences

Meet Annalise

Dolores Butler

Client Services Recruiter

Austin, TX

"Be open to learning new lessons, even if they contradict the lessons you learned yesterday." - Ellen DeGeneres

Brenau University, Business Administration

Meet Dolores

Matt Bonner

Diversity Services Relationship Manager

New York, NY

How easy is that?

Wake Forest University, B.A. Communications

Meet Matt

Justine Caeg

Event Recruiting Specialist, Women Impact Tech Division

Phoenix, AZ

“The key to success is not through achievement, but through enthusiasm.“ - Malcolm Forbes

Northern Arizona University, B.S. Business Administration and Marketing

Meet Justine

Stephanie Kelly

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist, Women Impact Technology Division

Phoenix, AZ

Born and raised in California, but moved to Arizona because of her obsession with cacti. Fluent in Sign Language and useless facts.

Fresno State, Deaf Studies

Meet Stephanie

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